Here at Fassy we are passionate about design and creative problem solving – and believe it’s all about the details. 

Our love of details is why we are obsessed with accessorizing! Accessories reinvent and freshen, bringing versatility to your wardrobe and personal style. We think a scarf is the perfect accessory; and together with the Fassy presents endless opportunities, helping you make the best of each and every look.

Fassy was inspired by the infinity scarf and created to seamlessly connect the ends of any scarf, turning it into a loop. This innovative way to make a fashionable connection is better than a pin because it does not puncture your fabric. It is sleeker than a bulky knot and can be tucked away or worn front and center. The Fassy works like a button but can be moved anywhere you need it making it the cleverest accessory you never knew you needed!

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The Fassy is a trademarked (Reg No. 4,798,602) and patented product (US D893,131 S).