Celebrating Fassy Moms!

We believe that mothers deserve more than a day and have declared the entire month of May as Mother’s Month!  We challenge you to show your mom how special she really is all month long. To help you do that – we have extended our 20% off coupon through the end of May!   

Just enter MOM20 at checkout.

                                                          Jessica and her mom, Patricia.  1978                                                         Kathleen and her mom, Kathy.  1987                                            


 From Jessica --

I am blessed with a kind, beautiful, and caring mother, whose love and support have made all the difference in my life.  Over the years, my mom has shown me the importance of family, unconditional love, and perseverance.  She believes I can do anything I set my mind to and has encouraged Fassy from the beginning.  She has even started wearing scarves – and loves them!          


 From Kathleen -- 

Scarves have always been a staple in my Mom's wardrobe, which over the years has inspired my love for scarves -- transcending a generation as they are now a staple in mine too!    

A fond memory of my favorite Mother's Day gift to my Mom --

More than twenty years ago, I went on a special shopping trip to a local boutique, Hub and Vogue, to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for my mom.  I choose a beautiful rectangular silk scarf with a black background and fuchsia roses.  To this day, it is still part of my mom’s wardrobe.  I have even been known to sneak it out of her closet and wear it myself!  It is a timeless piece, and the flowers share a special meaning to me and my mom as we often spend time together in the garden.                                                                                 


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